f r e e  improvised music  


ritual soundscapes                     mutant noise              tropical dancing grooves  



prepared guitar and drums duo

Jorge Espinal & Tatiana Heuman

 (power trio w/ Luciano Vitale) 


f r o m Buenos Aires, Argentina






Ricarda Cometa 2 (CD / Nefarious Industries, New Jersey + TAPE / Vestibular Records, Seattle)

cover art by Hideyuki Katsumata (JP) 



DDDRC Ricarda Cometa + Dario Dubois Duo (Lovington Industries, Seattle)

cover art by Hugo Emmanuel Figueroa (AR) 



Ricarda Cometa (Special cassette edition by Geweih Ritual Documents, Los Angeles - US)



Ricarda Cometa (Jardinista! Recs, Buenos Aires)

cover art by Hideyuki Katsumata (JP)







South America is part of the problem, Stereo Neg Records (NY, USA)



Salgan al sol!, Buh Records (Lima, Perú)






European tour

Oslo (NOR), Malmo (SE), Copenhagen (DK), Viena (AU), Vysočině, Prague (CZ), Krakow, Warsaw, Torun, Gorzow (PO), Augsburg, Munich, Berlin (GER)



European tour

Cologne, Berlin (GER), Viena (AU), Prague, Budweiss, Tabor (CZ), Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw (PO), Rijeka (CR), Subotica, Belgrade, Novi Sad (SRB), Skopje, Bitola (MK)



Festival Aural (Mexico City)



Integraciones Festival by Fundación Telefónica ( Lima - Perú)



 Tsonami Festival ( Buenos Aires - Argentina)



Tsonami Festival ( Valparaiso / Santiago de Chile - Chile)




"Ricarda Cometa is an Argentinian trio playing music that is as visceral as a punch to the gut, twisting and breaking all sorts of rhythms from Latin America in an avant-garde way that sets them far apart from the current generation of re appropriators of such traditions, whether they come from the ‘punk’ milieu or the electronic scene. Improvisation is the key here, damaging all the commonplace elements into something new and harder-hitting, freeing them violently into a wilderness of noise and lo-fi production, de-colonizing them into a dance-party savage with color and deformed shapes."
(David Murrieta, A Closer Listen)

"Ricarda Cometa are a mixed Argentine-Peruvian three piece improv group whose "Empina el Codo" sounds like a broken, two guitar samba school, a parade that perpetually moves at right angles to itself. Percussive sounding guitar lines zigzag, intersect and occasionally intertwine, stubbornly refusing to follow the martial sounding drum rolls trying to hurry them on."
(Kek-W, The Wire)